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HC Update and Price Change

While we’ve raised the price to 50 credits and 50 diamonds per month, we’ve also made being a member a LOT more rewarding with the introduction of both the HC Centre and HC payday!
The new HC Centre2
Now, you are able to see all the important information regarding your membership in one, easy to find place. When you click the HC icon in your purse, you will open the HC Centre.
What is a HC streak?
The HC Centre is where the amount of days of membership you have left is displayed. It’s also where your ‘HC streak’ is displayed. The number of consecutive days membership you have maintained determines this streak. The longer it is, the bigger the payout on HC payday! Note that the streak is retroactive and applies to existing unbroken HC memberships.
How does the HC payday work?
HC payday is every month on the 15th. As well as an amount of credits being paid determined by your HC streak, you get 10% of your Catalogue purchases back in your purse as credits too. Note that these Catalogue purchases do not include credit furni, HC or BC memberships or Marketplace purchases.
If you’re a HC member and you want to see how many credits you are due to receive on the next payday, click on the HC icon in your purse to open the HC Centre.

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